Fungal disease is hard
enough to see.
Fungicide performance
shouldn’t be.

Over the last 2 seasons BASF has made it our responsibility to make fungicide performance more transparent. To do this, we placed over 2000 full field comparisons between BASF product, competitors and untreated checks. This has generated a tremendous amount of yield data, but more importantly it allowed us to discover more farmers who have a story about why fungicides and BASF make for a different experience.

Performance proven on your neighbors’ farms.

Real results from real farms to give you confidence in your fungicide decision.

Family Farms


Revytek fungicide

average yield over untreated

+6 bu/A

winning percentage over untreated


Veltyma fungicide

average yield over untreated

+11 bu/A

winning percentage over untreated


Tested in your backyard

Your farm is unique – soil variability, weather conditions, disease pressure, and even yield potential. Have confidence in choosing a product tested with you in mind.

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