There’s plant health and then there’s BASF Plant Health.

Other fungicides make claims about being effective, but can’t always be trusted to deliver when it counts. BASF Plant Health products provide superior disease control and help strengthen your crops against environmental hazards. When your field isn’t fighting infection or battling environmental stress, all it has left to do is YIELD. Higher yields, better returns – that’s the power of BASF Plant Health.
Are you ready for an incredible growing season? Meet our yield-slinging line-up.
Best of all worlds.
Stops yield-limiting diseases in their tracks. Plus, a game-changing wider application window provides more flexibility for the realities of farming.
No compromises.
Fights the toughest diseases and environmental conditions, without any tradeoffs. With the three most powerful active ingredients in one jug, it’s the gold standard for soybeans.
Performance that pays.
Best-in-class control you can trust—bringing superior disease control and better yield for ultimate ROI.
Stress-free soybeans.
Proven powerhouse with two modes of action for long-lasting protection against target spot, septoria, and other key soybean diseases.

The leaders of Plant Health.

For over 20 years we’ve been producing reliable results and helping farmers improve their bottom line, regardless of the level of disease pressure they experience. We pioneered the Plant Health category and continue to push ourselves through innovation to remain the industry leader. Our latest products, Veltyma® and Revytek® fungicides, are perfect examples of that. We’re working tirelessly to ensure there’s a BASF Plant Health solution for the diseases and stressors that keep you up at night.

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