Lower stress.
Higher yields.

Priaxor® fungicide takes the stress off soybeans. And healthier plants produce bigger, better results.

The power of BASF Plant Health.

With long-lasting disease control that features two modes of action, Priaxor® fungicide provides increased stress tolerance, greater net photosynthesis, and improved leaf health. What does that mean? Powerful protection against disease and environmental threats, which is only proven in BASF Plant Health products. When your soybeans don’t have to stress about protecting themselves, they can focus on what’s important: yield.

Tough against environmental stress.

Drought. Heat. Hail. Excessive Rain. Your soybeans can handle them all in stride. With Priaxor® fungicide’s Plant Health benefits, they’re resilient enough to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

Easy on wallets.

No other fungicide in its class can prove a more consistent yield response than Priaxor® fungicide. If you’re a farmer looking to make sure your fungicide investment counts, look no further.

When soybeans stress less, so do farmers.

Instead of worrying about how much yield will be lost due to disease or crippling weather, you can stress less knowing your plants will perform to their potential–making the most out of every acre in your field.

Priaxor® fights against:
  • - Anthracnose
  • - Alternaria Leaf Spot
  • - Asian Soybean Rust
  • - Brown Spot
  • - Cercospora Blight
  • - Frogeye leaf spot * tank mix with propiconazole to control QoI-resistant populations
  • - Pod And Stem Blight
  • - Rhizoctonia Aerial Web Blight
  • - Target Spot
  • - White Mold (Suppression Only)
Active ingredients:
  • - Pyraclostrobin – Group 11
  • - Fluxapyroxad – Group 7

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