Revytek Fungicide

Zero Excuses.
Just Results.

For the uncompromising soybean farmer, Revytek™ fungicide is the only premium fungicide protecting your crop from both disease and the unpredictability of Mother Nature.

Unmistakable Performance

Any way you look at it, Revytek™ fungicide provides results you can see.1

Field showing untreated check and improvement with Revytek Fungicide


+ 7.5 bu/aRevytek Fungicide

We saw a 10 bu./acre difference in the Revytek acres. I didn’t see the difference, but remote sensing and the combine monitor showed it where it counted.
Jim B., Illinois

Here are some stories from 2020 told from the field.

The proof is in the bushels

No Tradeoffs

Other products require you to choose what will be most important to your soybean crop. Only Revytek™ fungicide gives you unmatched protection — without compromises.

Fast ActingandLong Lasting
Broad Spectrum Disease ControlandEnvironmental Stress Reduction

Revytek gave us a 4-6 bu./acre yield increase. It may not sound like a lot but it can be the difference between break even and profit.
Bob W., Illinois

Does Not Lose

Regardless of geography or disease pressure, Revytek™ fungicide provides consistent positive yield results so you get the most out of every acre.2

US Map with colors and labels

Data summarized from university, third-party cooperators, and internal small-scale replicated trials from 2017-2019. Revytek fungicide applied to soybean at R2-R4 growth stage. Average yield response over untreated check in high disease environments (n=11) from AR(2), IL, KY, MO(2), MS(2), NC, OK, TN, medium disease environments (n=13) from AR(2), IL(2), KY, LA(2) MO, MS(2), SD, TN(2), and low disease environments (n=24) from DE(2), IA(4), IL(5), MN, ND(4), NE(6), OH(2), PA(2). Disease evaluations based on cumulative disease pressure from Septoria brown spot, frogeye leaf spot and target spot.

Experience the Difference with BASF Plant Health

When you use Plant Health products from BASF you can minimize the impacts of disease and environmental stress, leading to consistently healthier fields and higher yields.

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