Veltyma Fungicide

Protecting your corn.
That's our world.

with its fast curative activity, easier application, longer residual, and environmental stress mitigation, Veltyma fungicide doesn't let anything stand in the way of your yields.

Swift Activity

Veltyma™ fungicide’s fast uptake and strong curative activity stops yield limiting diseases in their tracks. Corn diseases don’t stand a chance against Veltyma fungicide.

Diseased crop, treated with competing product
Trivapro® fungicide

Every bushel matters and the ROI we saw with Veltyma has been phenomenal.
Levi, Nebraska

Five feet means ready to treat

With Veltyma fungicide, you get more flexibility in your schedule. You can treat your crops almost two weeks earlier which means you can use your own equipment and treat fields that could've been missed.

Secure Decision

See our RevX Fields Map

Veltyma™ fungicide’s long-lasting control of both disease and environmental stress is easy to see and gives you more certainty in your fungicide decision.

Veltyma™ Fungicide¹

Plant Health


Veltyma had an 11.5 bu./acre difference in our corn and within a week, Plant Health imagery started showing the difference that we ultimately saw at harvest.
Denny, Illinois

Experience the Difference with BASF Plant Health

When you use Plant Health products from BASF you can minimize the impacts of disease and environmental stress, leading to consistently healthier fields and higher yields.

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Advanced Stress Mitigation leads to Optimized Growth Efficiency